Need reviewers for ROSIDL related change

Hello, dear ROS developer community. I’m working on adding enums to ROSIDL (issue). We (at Apex.AI) already have this feature implemented and used for few months and would like to upstream it. This is my first contribution to core ROS packages, so I’m looking for some guidance. This is the main PR that has links to other PRs.


  1. Most of the PRs depend on this small PR that just adds .idl file for testing. Could someone please review it?
  2. Would be great if someone can answer these questions that I asked in the issue and we continue there.

Thanks, Roman

cc @MichaelOrlov @lyle


Looks like when the C++ generator is run, you don’t get enum classes. Is there a reason that can’t be done? One of the key advantages to that would be compile time safety of not mixing enums.

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