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New release of the ros_buildfarm package (version 2.0.0)


I have just released version 2.0.0 of the ros_buildfarm package.

The most important reason for the major version bump is that it requires the provisioned machines to use Xenial as well as Java 8. So this is NOT a drop in replacement for your current buildfarm. In order to switch from a previous release (1.4.x) you must update your provisioned machines according to the current buildfarm_deployment instructions. The advantage of the newer host system and versions of various dependencies are plenty of fixes and improvements.

Also this version targets Jenkins (up to) version 2.89.x. The latest LTS release of Jenkins 2.107.x brings additional changes which ros_buildfarm hasn’t been updated for. There will be a follow up release addressing this in the near future.

You will find a complete list of all the changes in the changelog.

Happy Building!

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