New release of the ros_buildfarm package (version 3.0.0)

I have just released version 3.0.0 of the ros_buildfarm package.

The most important reason for the major version bump is that it requires the provisioned machines to use a post-JEP 200 version of Jenkins. So this is NOT a drop in replacement for your current buildfarm. In order to switch from a previous release (2.x) you must update your provisioned machines according to these buildfarm_deployment instructions.

You will find a complete list of all the changes in the changelog. I want to highlight a couple items here:

  • Support for the build tool colcon using a configuration option. While the devel / PR jobs on use catkin_make_isolated the same jobs on use colcon instead. This feature has been in use since ROS 2 Crystal.
  • Add CI jobs for building and testing workspaces defines by a .repos file. In contrast to devel / PR jobs which operate on a single repository this new job category allows us to provide larger integration builds historically hosted on on At the moment we use nightly builds for a set of ROS 2 repositories with different configuration to cover different use cases: e.g. only a single RMW impl., all tier 1 RMW impl., debug and release builds, etc.

Happy Building!