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New ROS 2 TSC Members: PickNik and Rover Robotics

I’m happy to announce that we’re welcoming two new members to the ROS 2 TSC:

  • Dave Coleman, representing PickNik
  • Nick Fragale, representing Rover Robotics

We look forward to seeing continued significant contributions from both teams!


Welcome to both of you!

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I’m very glad to be involved with the future of ROS. I started using ROS when ROS Jade was the newest distro. I remember asking my CSci teacher how to install ROS packages. His response was to use apt-get. I was new to Linux at the time and I couldn’t figure out what to type after sudo apt-get, so I ended up installing everything from source. My first ROS assignment took about 60 hours to complete. When I asked my teacher how long it should have taken he said “it would take me 4 hours so I would expect it to take you 20”. Since then I’ve worked with just about every layer of ROS. Never thought I’d be in a position to help guide it’s future direction.

My goal as a member of the ROS 2 TSC is to make ROS 2 approachable and easy to learn. Rover Robotics is very excited about making that happen.


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Its a real honor to be joining this committee! Similar to Nick, I’ve learned so much from ROS and really believe in its vision for the future of robotics.


@davetcoleman and @NickFragale - Congrats and thank you for your contributions to ROS and ROS 2 all these years!


PickNik and Rover? I’m spinning with joy


I have enjoyed watching and learning from what you guys provide using ROS/ROS2 …
I’m not good at it but am picking up a lot.

Thank You & Job Well Done!

Doug Crawford
Owner/Operator, WayPoint UAV/UGV Productions LLC

573.544.7686 |

2931 Clarks Branch Road Williamsburg, Mo 63388

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Welcome! Great to have you both!

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