ROS 2 TSC Meeting 2022-02-17

ROS 2 TSC Meeting Minutes

ROS 2 TSC Contribution Report 2022-02-17.pdf (124.1 KB)

  • Attendees

    • Open Robotics – Kat Scott, Tully Foote, Chris Lalancette, Geoff Biggs
    • Canonical - Jeremie Deray | artivis
    • Community representative – Olivier Michel
    • Bosch - Ralph Lange
    • Toyota Research Institute - Calder Phillips-Grafflin
    • Wind River - Andrei Kholodnyi
    • ROBOTIS - Will Son
    • eProsima - Jaime Martin Losa
    • Apex.AI - Lyle Johnson
    • Sony - Tomoya Fujita
    • iRobot - Alberto Soragna
    • SwRI - Jerry Towler (representing GVSC)
    • Microsoft - Lou Amadio
    • Foxglove - Adrian Macneil
  • Notes:

  • Preliminaries

    • [Kat ][1 min] Please remember to fill out your contribution report at the bottom of this document prior to the meeting.
  • Old business

  • New business

    • [Kat][1 min] We have open time if anyone would like to propose a topic.
    • [Angelo Cosaro][5 min] Announcement from ADLINK ⇒ Zettascale
      • Creating a new company, Zettascale, just for ADLink’s software division. Announcement soon. Will take over
    • [Kat][5 min] 2021 Metrics Report
    • [Lange][20 min] License documentation in ROS
      • Notes
        • Alberto – Similar problems for iRobot. Commercial (BlackDuck) tools don’t play well with ROS 2. More problems working from source vs installation. No consistency in license / copyright locations.
        • Ralph will issue a PR.
        • Chris – Propose and update to the REP that defines package.xml
          • How to manage two license files? This needs to be in a REP.
        • Andrei – Are you scanning deps?
          • Ralph: yes, depends on referenced files.
      • Introduction to license and snippet analysis and examples of findings in ROS.
      • Good news: No severe findings found in ROS 2 core packages (w/o tools) by Bosch-internal license and snippet analysis
      • Bad news: Process is very time consuming and error prone because of insufficient license documentation
        • Information by LICENSE file and package.xml is too unspecific
        • Lack of license information in Debian packages
      • Ideas:
        • Introduce machine readable debian/copyright files
        • Use SPDX identifiers in package.xml, etc.
        • Improve tooling, to check consistency and ideally also completeness
  • Recurring business

  • [Macneil] Web

    • #712: Discussion around authentication support in rosbridge, decided to discontinue support in ROS 2 (it never worked in ROS 2)
    • Planning to migrate content from to
    • Open Robotics gave update on System Viewer extension for Foxglove and static analyzer web tools
    • Foxglove Studio 1.0 release
      • #2790: Better support for ROS 2 messages in Node Playground
      • #2815: Support for alpha rendering in RGBA point clouds
      • #2719: Click to publish points / nav goals
      • #2810: Better support for urdf/xacro rendering
  • [Knapp/Blasdel] Tooling

    • Initial MCAP beta release (with C++/Python/Go/TypeScript libraries). Broke ground on experimental ROS 2 bag storage plugin for rolling.
    • Bag_rewrite: discussion around how to handle unknown types and topics with multiple types
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PickNik’s @Henning_Kayser and @tylerweaver were also in attendance, but I think they forgot to add themselves to the attendee list.

TSC members: I miss you all!

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