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New ROS MOOC: A Systematic Approach to Learning Robotics and ROS!

You might be surprised, but this MOOC is hosted by a Chinese MOOC company of the likes of Udacity or Coursera. The course is taught in English, though HW material can be submitted in both English and Mandarin.
The courses’ main text is Prof. Wyatt Newman’s newly released text: “A Systematic Approach to Learning Robot Programming with ROS“. Supplemental texts will be used for reference. We will use Patrick Goebel’s famous ROS By example books, both Vol. 1 and Vol. 2. Students worldwide are welcome.

The class and text stand out for two reasons: you will be taught by someone who has 14 years of middleware experience, 6 years of ROS class teaching and you will be taught Robotics and ROS in a systematic way! You will not just be presented with a series of projects stringed together. You will learn principles and use beginning to advanced code examples that build on top each other systematically. From the ROS graph, to simulation, visualization, camera visualization and operations, point clouds, manipulation, and system integration.

To learn more about the instructor, please visit:
And if you are interested in registering, you can do so until Sept. 30. See the online course page and sign up.

The slides will also be available independently for purchase at:


Hi @rojas70,

it’ll be very helpful if you can provide a HOW-TO register for non-Chinese speakers, so we can register much easier

thank you

Hi Dr Juan Rojas How I can register for this onlinecourse?The link provided in in CN.Is there any link in English for registration? Regards!Muhammad ILYAS,University of Engineering and Technology (UET), Narowal Campus.
Mobile: 0092-348-6162548

Currently I am working through this Chinese company. I might suggest using Google translate to translate the Chinese page into your language