ROS MOOC for begginers - New edition of the course from TUDelft

I am pleased to announce a new edition of the MOOC Hello (Real) World with ROS

In this course you will learn to program and configure basic robotic tasks such as pick-and-place objects, and navigate through obstacles, you will also integrate all this knowledge to build an industrial production line with two robotic arms and a mobile robot.

What to expect in the new edition of the course?

  • Same as last year, the course is self-paced. This means that you can start at anytime and progress at your own speed.
  • The course will be open for six months, from 2023-03-22T12:00:00Z to 2023-10-22T11:00:00Z
  • We will offer full support, including the option to earn a verified certificate during that period.
  • An automated grading process is available for learners opting for the full access version.
  • Audit track (non-paying) learners will have access to all the contents and the assignment instructions, but cannot submit or receive feedback on the assignments.
  • You will be working with your own standalone Ubuntu-Linux installation.
  • The contents of the course, the material and assignments are based on ROS Noetic.

You can visit the Course Webpage on the edX online learning platform to enroll and get more information about the course.

See you there for a fun ROS learning journey!

This course is a result of the educational activities of the EU project ROSIN and is offered by the TU Delft Cognitive Robotics department with the support of the TU Delft Online Learning School.

On behalf of the TU Delft ROS MOOC team,

Mario Garzón Oviedo