New ROS online courses: Advanced Modern C++ for Robotics

Dear ROS developers, we just released a new ROS course - Advanced Modern C++ for Robotics.

Here are the course description and link:

New course: Advanced Modern C++ for Robotics

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Master the basics of C++ for robot programming, you’ll learn:

  • How to build C++ programs
  • How to create a library
  • Understand the Standard Template Library (STL) and how it can help you create better code
  • How to use C++ classes to optimize your code
  • Inheritance
  • Function overriding and function overloading
  • How to use pointers and references for optimal memory management
  • Templates and Lambda expressions
  • How to use threads to parallelize tasks in C++
  • How to deal with unexpected or exceptional errors in your code

You will learn this course by practicing with a simulated ** Turtlebot**:

Is the course free or is it paid