New ROS online courses: GTest Framework for ROS2

Dear ROS developers, we just released a new ROS course - GTest Framework for ROS2

Here are the course description and link:

New course: GTest Framework for ROS2

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Learn GTest (Google Test) framework & how to integrate it with ROS2, you’ll learn:

  • Basics of CMake with a focus on creating shared libraries.
  • How to integrate GTest into a C++ project built using CMake.
  • Create unit tests with GTest to verify the behavior of the library.
  • Test assertions and available assertion types.
  • ROS2 node testing for publishers and subscribers.
  • Setting up a testing package for system tests with ROS2.
  • Configuring systems tests from CMake scripts.
  • Running full-system tests from within current ROS2 build tools.
  • As a course project, you will write tests that cover a ROS2 package.

You will learn this course by practicing with simulated robots: Neobotix MP-400 Simulation