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New rosidl typesupport based on Google Protobuf

Continental just published a new ROS2 static type support. It is using Google Protobuf as internal serialization format. We use it mainly for a better integration of the eCAL eco system tools like the message recorder, the player or the monitor. By using eCAL’s rmw implementation and switching to the rosidl_typesupport_protobuf we are able to

  • connect ROS2 and eCAL5 nodes without any gateway
  • use the power of the Google protobuf reflection to visualize every message dynamically
  • create HDF5 measurements out of ROS2 with Google Protobuf as internal message representation and all the possibilities for post processing and the up- and downwards compatibility for later replay

hope there are more use cases for this nice new typesupport.


Great Job!

But I just ran into a problem using this protobuf package. Could you please go to github and to see if this is a bug?