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New user sign-up oddities/bugs

While I thought I had previously had an account here (and had an entry in my password manager), I ended up signing up this morning.

I saw a couple weird things in that process, and figured I’d mention them here in case they’re useful/straightfoward fixups:

  • Gmail threw the “[ROS Discourse] Confirm your new account” email into the “Promotions” category. Doesn’t happen very often with sign-up confirmation emails, but also not sure there’s much to easily do here.
  • The activation URL (e.g. ROS Discourse) worked, but redirected me to ros answers rather than discourse, with an Internal Server Error at Maybe a typo in a config file/script’s URL somewhere?
  • Lastly, I think my browser is trying to autofill login credentials for here at Didn’t check for firefox settings, and not actually sure offhand how subdomains are typically handled by password managers.

Thanks for the feedback.

Yeah, Discourse will prune inactive users without posts after ~2 years.

Yeah I don’t know of much we can do here.

I don’t see anything, but I’ll check in with our hosting.

Edit: I just tried to reproduce this and wasn’t able to do so creating a new account.

Yeah that’s a factor of your password manager. My usually matches the subdomain, but offers the others.

Ohhh, that first bit explains things. Thanks!

I presently don’t see a repro from the link in my email either. Ahh well, hopefully I’m just unlucky!

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