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Ros-users unsubscribe function broken

The unsubscribe function for the ros-users mailing list doesn’t appear to be working.

I went to the unsubscribe page, entered my email address, and clicked “Unsubscribe”. The message “The confirmation email has been sent” was shown, but no such email ever arrived, even as spam. I tried the password reminder button as well, and got the same result: A confirmation message on the page but no email arriving.

The password reminder email did eventually turn up. I was able to log in and unsubscribe that way. The mails that were meant to be sent when the unsubscribe button was pushed (without logging in) still haven’t arrived, so I think they are either lost or were not sent.

Thanks for the report @gbiggs. I’ll check with our mailing list hosting about this.

As an update it appears that the confirmation emails are getting a softfail on SPF validation. We’re debugging why, there was one out of date DNS setting but fixing that hasn’t gotten everything working yet. The main digest emails are ok though. It’s quite possible that some service providers are dropping the emails that fail verification before they even get to your inbox.

We’ve verified the updated SPF records appear to successfully propagated now. @gbiggs would you be able to try subscribing and unsubscribing to see if it’s resolved?

I tried subscribing to the list on Monday this week. No confirmation email arrived. On the assumption that it may have been caught in a spam filter by the Microsoft Exchange server work uses, I waited for a few days. I’ve had two spam report emails since then and the confirmation email has not been in either, so I think that it has been lost somewhere earlier in the delivery path. This may be a Microsoft Exchange problem; I will try a different email address to get another data point.

OK, very quick confirmation there that it is probably something to do with Microsoft Exchange. Subscribing using an email hosted by Fastmail got me the confirmation email instantly.

Work uses Office 365 to provide email, and we access it using the Outlook Web App or Microsoft Outlook software.

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@gbiggs Thanks for the extra testing. We double checked and your outbound emails are going out correctly from our mail servers even to the Office 365 server. So it must be something from that point onward. Sorry we can’t help more.

Thanks for the information. I’ll follow up here and see if I can find out what is causing them to vanish at our server.