New Version of Raspberry Pi Camera Node

Dear ROS community,

We are proud to announce a new version of our ROS node for the Raspberry Pi camera module here: .

(See our previous announcement here: Raspberry Pi Camera Node)

Some new features of raspicam_node:

  • Support for raw_images in addition to the hardware compressed images
  • Better pre-made calibration files for Camera V1 and V2
  • Cleaner shutdown due to better memory management (no escalating to SIGTERM)
  • Add parameter for selecting the camera id (Compute Module Only)
  • Make save button in camera calibration work, by saving/loading from writeable location after package one
  • Less memory allocations
  • Fix bug where dynamic_reconfigure defaults overrode rosparams
  • Less logging noise
  • Delete a lot of old code and fix gcc warnings

Contributions and Bug Reports through Github Pull Requests and Issues are welcome.

Thank you to everyone who contributed!



I am using this package happily. Could you add a feature, where if we are capturing at 90fps, but able to broadcast 10fps only, with the image info topic? I have attempted to use throttle it down, but then it got out of sync with the image info making it unusable.
Best Regards,