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Number of ROS users?

I am putting together a presentation for our project. I know that I have a special interest subgroup that I am trying to bring ROS to that has 5000 members. Are there any numbers that can be shared on the number of folks using ROS in general that we could include in the presentation?

Thanks for your question. However we ask that you please ask questions on following our support guidelines:

ROS Discourse is for news and general interest discussions. ROS Answers provides a forum which can be filtered by tags to make sure the relevant people can find and/or answer the question, and not overload everyone with hundreds of posts.

But since I’m replying anyway, the ROS Metrics reports are the best source of numbers about the ROS community.


Which gives me an opportunity to thank you for those, @tfoote. They’ve proven to be very helpful over the years.


This having said…

I feel like having to mention that Discourse, as every other forum, has a :face_with_monocle: search button. And even if you search for a rather generic term like numbers, you will find the Discourse post by @tfoote on The 2018 ROS metrics report.

and as you, @OpenR2, are “putting together a presentation” you should look up the diagrams that @DLu has plotted in that post - as they should be perfect input for shiny slides…:man_office_worker:

Good luck with your presentation.


Thank you for the quick reply.

It goes without saying that there is a learning curve to each forum.
Each forum is setup a bit differently. By the time you integrate OpenGL, NVIDIA, ROS, CATIA, ENOVIA, OpenCV, Microsoft, Cortex, Intel, Arduino, RaspberryPI, etc, etc, etc what seems obvious to someone who has been subscribed to a forum for several years and focused on that forum is not always obvious to someone who has been subscribed for a few months and is hopping around from forum to forum.

I feel that it probably took longer to type search button response than the time it took include the link. :slight_smile:

I didn’t realize all questions were for answers and discourse was only for announcements.
I assumed answers was for tech questions and general questions about ROS would be in discourse.
I’m clear on this now. I apologize for the confusion.

The link is exactly what I was looking for.

Thank you for the help.

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Great to see more people in the ROS community but what you are looking for is the ROS metrics report that is published each year.

@OpenR2 sorry for my longish answer, great that I could help you.

Hope to see the ROS community keep on growing, so that each year’s metrics report hits new records :slight_smile: