NVIDIA Isaac ROS Webinar Series Kicks Off on November 14, 2022


At ROSCon Kyoto 2022, we were pleased to announce a technical webinar series for developers interested in taking advantage of NVIDIA Isaac ROS software.

The first webinar is scheduled for Monday, Nov 14th at 8AM PST. This webinar will cover ROS 2 localization using the NVIDIA VSLAM node provided on the Isaac ROS Github repository. This ROS2 package performs stereo VSLAM and estimates stereo visual inertial odometry using the Isaac Elbrus GPU-accelerated library.

Raffaello Bonghi will deliver the presentation and other NVIDIA experts will be in attendance to answer questions.

Please see the link below to register:

Upcoming Webinar Topics:

  • Accelerate YOLOv5 and Custom AI Models in ROS with NVIDIA Isaac (Dec 1)
  • Using ML Models in ROS2 to Robustly Estimate Distance to Obstacles (Dec 13)

What is Isaac ROS?

NVIDIA® Isaac ROS is a collection of hardware accelerated packages that make it easier for ROS 2 developers to build high-performance solutions on NVIDIA hardware. Isaac ROS provides individual packages (GEMs) and complete pipelines (NITROS) which include image processing and computer vision functionality that has been highly optimized for NVIDIA GPUs and Jetson platforms.

To date, we have released more than 20 packages to help ROS 2 developers add hardware accelerated performance to their applications.

An incremental update will be around the end of the year, with the next major release at NVIDIA’s GTC conference in March of 2023.


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