OPC UA Companion Specification Robotics Draft

VDMA and OPC Foundation recently made available a draft of the OPC UA Companion Specification for Robotics.

The draft and the references for providing comments on the drafts are available at https://robotik.vdma.org/en/viewer/-/v2article/render/27176370

I guess this could be of interest of the people working with ROS-Industrial.


Thanks for flagging this, I just double-checked and my colleagues are aware of this activity.
Good to have it on the radar of more people though.

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I did not found any official announcement, but it seems that the OPC UA Companion Specification Robotics Part 1 was released in May 2019.

Official specifications:

The first document is the Part 1 of Robotics specification, for now covering aspects like diagnostic and monitoring. The second is related to basic type definitions related to robotics, such as Euler Angles. An interesting aspect for ROS-Industrial developers is that the Euler Angles convention of the OPC UA Robotics companion specification seems to be compatible with the one used by ROS, for example in the URDF models.

For a general introduction to the OPC UA Robotics Information Model, see the following presentation: http://fs.gongkong.com/uploadfile/Opc/PPT/0712/05VDMA_en.pdf .

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personally I would have been happier if there weren’t any Euler angles in OPC 10001-11 at all …

I always try to find the bright side, considering that an alternative could have been to standardize a Euler angle representation incompatible with the ROS one (for example the KUKA one). :smile:

True. If there must be Euler angles, then having one which we’re already using/tolerating is an OK compromise.

I guess the thought of field engineers (and everyone else actually) having to carry calculators to convert between “human readable” orientation representations and quaternions played a role here.