Request for Feedback PR 186 on REP 145 Conventions for IMU Sensor Drivers

Hello Everyone,

We have a long standing REP proposal in #145 which remains in draft status:

There was a strong discussion several years ago which lead to the draft and a a few followups for review. However, the discussion petered out and I’d like to take a moment to ask that people provide their feedback on the REP in the current pull request to update the REP.

It would be great to either finalize this, evolve it, or table it instead of leaving it languishing. So please take a moment and review it in the next couple of weeks.


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Sorry I wasn’t clear. Please comment on the PR itself so we can keep the conversation local, especially if we want to do line by line comments etc.

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I remember taking part in those discussions starting in 2015. Thanks for bringing it up again, it’s been bothering me for years that it wasn’t ever finished!

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Here is one driver that I think should be made compliant to whatever REP 145 ends up being:

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