Open Robotics and Google Summer of Code 2024

We at Open Robotics are pleased to participate in another year of the Google Summer of Code (GSoC) project! We believe that mentorship and collaboration are crucial to our mission, and we are pleased to introduce this year’s contributors and mentors.

This year, five contributors are working on three different projects to improve aspects of Gazebo.

  • Rakesh Vivekanandan, Helena Moyan, and Gaurav Kumar will work with Woensug Choi and Mabel Zhang on physics-based sonar simulation for underwater robots.
  • Saurabh Kamat will work with Jose Luis Rivero to improve how users install Gazebo.
  • Yaswanth Gonna will help Steve Peters develop an improved set of worlds for benchmarking physics engines.

Head over to our news post for more information on the projects and contributors, and if you see the contributors on Discourse, GitHub, or anywhere else, say hi and show them how welcome they are!