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Open Source ROS Learning and Robot Development Platform LIMO

Hello ROS Community,

We are thrilled to announce that we have officially launch LIMO and LIMO LITE - a ROS-based multi-modal mobile with 4 steering modes and open-source software. It is a reliable tool for educational purposes and industrial robotics applications research while learning and verifying ROS algorithms. LIMO now offers an integrated really good hardware system and software kit to develop and contribute to ROS1& 2 ecosystems. Programming Demo, ROS Packages and Simulation powered by Gazebo are supported as well.

Four steering modes make LIMO substantially superior to other robots in its class. The available modes are: Omni Wheel Steering, Tracked Steering, Four-Wheel Differential Steering and Ackermann Steering. These advanced steering modes plus a built-in 360° scanning LiDAR and RealSense infrared camera make the platform perfect for industrial and commercial tasks in any scenario. With these incredible features, LIMO can achieve precise self-localization, SLAM & V-SLAM mapping, route planning and autonomous obstacle avoidance, reverse parking, traffic light recognition, and more.

Equipped with multi other USB ports and powered by Nvidia Jetson Nano, LIMO can be fully customized with other hardware according to one’s needs.

We envision combining our commercial and research experience of over 8 years to provide a more mature and powerful Robot development platform for anyone to kickstart their AI robot creation without any scene limitation. LIMO is currently being launched via a Kickstarter campaign to reward early adopters with special deals and pricing. Learn more here: : [LINK]

On behalf of the AgileX Robotics Team, I would like to thank you all for your time and support. Hope we can accelerate the development of autonomous robots together.

AgileX Robotics


Congratulations, it’s an amazing platform.

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