Parameter Modification Tool: rig-reconfigure


We want to share a tool we created for ourself:
It’s a dynamic parameter modification tool, just like the RQT plugin but as a standalone application.
Since it’s driven by our own requirements, it has some additional features over RQT and is missing some features RQT has.
The driving feature missing from RQT was the ability to collapse parameters in a tree structure, which is possible in our tool. The text box at the top allows for quick filtering of parameters by substring. All available nodes are listed on the left (refreshing continuously), and parameters are only displayed for a single node at a time.


Instead of QT, the tool is implemented using dear-imgui.

You can install it using sudo apt install ros-humble-rig-reconfigure or your local equivalent, it’s also released for iron and rolling! Run it using ros2 run rig_reconfigure rig_reconfigure.
Feel free to try it, and let us know if it’s useful to you!

The sources are available on github: GitHub - teamspatzenhirn/rig_reconfigure: GUI tool for editing ROS2 parameters at runtime

edit: “We” refers to Team Spatzenhirn, and especially Dominik in this case, who doesn’t have an account on here but is @authaldo on github and did most of the work here!



Thank you for sharing this very nice tool!

Do you accept bug reports and possibly pull requests?

A brief test revealed for instance that the “Parameter” view is not updated when nodes without the parameter services are selected.


Feel free to submit bug reports as issues and bug fixes via PR!
We also welcome feature additions, if you feel like something is missing and end up implementing it, please do send it upstream!
Our own TODO list is in the readme, but we have not started work on those yet.

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