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Perception/Planning/Control Engineers for Autonomous Logistics

Jugaad Labs R&D works with logistics companies in US, Germany and Brazil on autonomous logistics services. We are hiring Robotics and ML engineers. The work we do is on machine learning engineering for perception, planning and control of trucks and forklifts.

Your background would include any of the following:

1. Perception: Expertise with classic and learning-based computer vision for monocular cameras, stereo cameras and Lidars. This could include object detection, distance measurement, barcode reading, SLAM, sensor fusion for robotics, and modifying off-the-shelf ML perception pipelines.

2. Multi-agent planning and control of robots: Hands-on experience with ROS and working with real automotive or robotic systems. Implementation of localization, trajectory generation and trajectory following for robots with dynamics.

3. Machine Learning at the edge and on the cloud (AWS). We will be benchmarking ML algorithms on embedded platforms such as the Nvidia Jetson. Experience with onnx, Apache TVM, TensorFlow RT, and pytorch is a plus.

4. Networking of cameras and automation systems: Interfacing edge and cloud systems. Experience with CAN, DDS, MQQT, ROS2 is a plus.

This is a contract position (full-time CPT/OPT is ok as we are e-verified) and can extend for the full-year. Must be based in US or EU. Contact Rahul

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