PlotJuggler 3.6 is out... get it in a Snap!

I am pleased to announce the newest version of PlotJuggler.

Since the last announcement, there are many exciting news.

Install PlotJuggler in a Snap!

Installing the latest release is now easier than ever.

Big thanks to the Ubuntu Robotics team that implemented this feature (click on the image to visit the store).


MCAP support

MCAP is a great data format that is protocol agnostic, and solves a problem with rosbag2, i.e. the fact that the latter doesn’t save the message definitions that PlotJuggler needs at runtime.

You don’t need to have ROS installed on your computer, to parse ROS/ROS2 messages stored on MCAP!
Protobuf serialization is also supported.

Feature sponsored by Foxglove

Context aware background color

Using a simple Lua script (if-the-else) you can change color of the backgorund, based on the value of a time series.
Useful to display the state in which your robot currently is.

Feature sponsored by Skygauge

Quick statistics

Show some simple but useful statistics of the data that is currently visible in your plotting area.

Feature sponsored by Skygauge

Refactored MessageParser plugins

Now it is easier than ever to add new:

  • IPC communication mechanisms and
  • custom serialization protocols

In an ortogonal way.
Protobuf over ZeroMQ? No problem. JSON over Websocket? Go ahead.

Thanks to all the contributors !!!

Thanks to the community and to the people which contributed sending bug reports and Pull requests!
Extra thanks to my Github Sponsors and Greenze in particular.



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