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Roadmap to PlotJuggler 3.0


recently, PlotJuggler reached an important milestone: support for ROS2!

This has been on my todo list for a long time. Now that it is done, it is time to look forward and think of what the future hold.I wonder if there is any hard-core users (or company) that want to join the discussion on what should be the most important features to add.

My current plans are:

  • A new docking system based on KDDockWidgets.
  • A completely refactored timeseries editor.
  • A new data structure with more semantic about the relationship between timeseries. This should open the door to new plugins that allow easy visualization of specific data (images, laser, diagnostic, etc.)

About the last point: this means that we might have something like an image plugin integrated into the visual space like this (photoshopped image):

Any other idea from the community?
Anyone willing to contribute?



I don’t have any requests but just wanted to say thanks for this amazing tool! PlotJuggler had probably saved me days of debugging time! Many thanks for all the hard work on it!



Huuuuuge fans and power users over here at Greenzie. Just sent this link over to our team slack to see if we can contribute to roadmap.

While I love the idea of the image plugin to visualize sensor data alongside charts and think it is rad, my gut says I love plot juggler for the plotting and charting and raw data/transforming capabilities. I’m also that guy who is always trying to remove features from our product and simplify (my team gets annoyed with me about this), so take that with a grain of salt. But I could totally see it.

Thank you for all the hard work on this tool.


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Thank you for the kind words @SeeBQ and @msadowski.

My plan is to start adding these new features in a dev branch. This means that enthusiastic users may have an “early preview” of these new features, mostly to get an idea about usability, UX and “look and feel”.

Once all of these features are mature, I will probably release it to the wild, but considering that PlotJuggler is a side project, this will probably happen in autumn :wink:

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And talking about previews… new docking system inspired by Terminator


I want to join the @msadowski. I love using PlotJuggler, such a great tool!

Few ideas of my own:

  1. Ability to open rosbags in parallel to PX4 ulog, in the same plotjuggler session
  2. Making the custom function a bit more user friendly when working with several timeseries - for example pitch_from_quaternion: maybe selecting the 4 relevant timeseries and apply the function on them.
  3. Some TF support? Don’t have the exact requirement, but maybe visualizing data in the eye of a different TF origin?

Anyway, wanted to thank you for all your great work @facontidavide

thanks @koby.

The quaternion to RPY is an example of multiple-input, multiple-output data transformation that is very cumbersome to do right now and that I want to improve.

I would say that the biggest challenge is not the programming part but rather the UX part :wink:
But this is certainly one of the things I want to address.

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For those of you interested, this is an early preview of the new docking system.


Nice work!

I would say that the biggest challenge is not the programming part but rather the UX part :wink:
But this is certainly one of the things I want to address.

Recently used this site for rotation conversions Perhaps it may provide some UX inspiration.

I wonder, would it be possible in a new version to remove this annoying update popup on start?

The option has been there for… 2 years already?

Option - n.

Check - - help

Sorry, but from its help:

-n, --nosplash Don’t display the splashscreen

that is the splash screen which usually goes away automatically without any click. I’m talking about this:

The “Don’t show again” does not help when running inside a docker image that throws away its config file after each launch.

Interesting, this is something I did not expect! I will fix it

sounds good, thanks.