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Postdoc position at CEA LIST, Paris, France, in Robotic and Autonomous Systems Design through Integrated AI Planning and Model-Driven Engineering Approaches

OUR LAB - The LSEA (Embedded and Autonomous Systems Design Laboratory) works on methods, design principles and tools for the engineering of efficient and trustworthy software for embedded and autonomous systems. The LSEA is part of CEA, one of the best ranked research institution in the world, with an annual budget of €4.7 billion and about 16K staff members across France. The LSEA has a recognized expertise in the field of model-based design of safety-critical systems, and has initiated an upstream work for the mastery of advanced technologies of safe self-adaptation and integration of trustworthy autonomy in critical systems. The laboratory plays an important role in standardization groups like AUTOSAR in the automotive domain as well as in the OMG (Object Management Group) standardization body responsible for the UML, SysML and MARTE standards, and contributes to the Eclipse open source model-based development platform Papyrus. Lab members are strongly involved in various industrial projects as well as collaborative French and European research projects for the development of model-based approaches for the design of autonomous real-time systems for robotics, automotive, railway, aerospace and smart energy systems.

YOUR MISSION - The goal of your postdoc will be to investigate methods and develop modular, compositional and predictable software architectures and interoperable design tools based on models and integrated with available software frameworks from the robotics and autonomous systems community, such as the ROS middleware, ROSPlan/ROS2 Planning System for task planning, BehaviorTree.CPP for execution and monitoring of robotics tasks and Gazebo for simulation.

Together with senior members of the lab, you will get involved in EU projects and other initiatives on AI-based task planning and task execution for robotics and autonomous systems (RASs). The main goal is to simplify the effort of RASs engineers and thus allowing the development of more advanced, more complex autonomous systems at an affordable cost. In order to do so, you will contribute to set-up and consolidate a vibrant ecosystem, tool-chain and community that will provide and integrate model-based design, planning and simulation, safety assessment and formal validation and verification capabilities.

JOB REQUIREMENTS - Successful candidates should have a Ph.D. (or be near completion) in Computer Science, Software Engineering or Robotics (or equivalent). We are mainly looking for applicants with an excellent research record in planning, decision making and software engineering for robotics systems. Experience with Model-Driven Engineering methods is desirable. Practical experience with Eclipse-based Model-Driven Engineering tools is a big plus.

HIRING PROCEDURE - Interested applicants should send their CV to Matteo Morelli ( as soon as possible, as applications will be reviewed immediately as they arrive (first come first served). Each position will have a duration of 12 months (renewable for 12 additional months) and will be allowed to begin starting from 2 months after a successful interview.

REMUNERATION PACKAGE - Remuneration for the postdoc includes a gross salary ranging from 33 kEUR to 39 kEUR per year, full access to the French healthcare, social care and pension system, as well as several other benefits, like coverage of 50% of all your Parisian public transport fees.

WORKING AND LIVING IN PARIS - Our offices are located in Plateau de Saclay, south of Paris, the French biggest research and industry cluster. Our welcome agency France Accueil is available to help you find your home and settle here. Most of us live either in the wooden and quiet southern suburbs of Paris or closer to the bustling center of the city. Paris is the capital of France, a metropolis of 12.5 million people and one of the most visited travel destination in the world.

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Embedded and Autonomous Systems Design Laboratory
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