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Pr2_calibration release permissions

I am ready to take over maintainership of the pr2_calibration package:


Can I get release permission so that I can release for kinetic, lunar, and melodic?

@v4hn @k-okada

is this package maitained as ros-orphaned-package?

if not, this package is maitained in ros-orphaned-packages as other PR2 pacakges.

2019年3月31日(日) 3:49 Dave Feil Seifer via

Hey Dave,

I am very glad to hear you’re interested in taking over these PR2 packages
and am sorry I failed to see your previous issues on github.

You already have write access to pr2_navigation and I just invited you to get
write access for pr2_calibration too.
So feel free to (pr&)commit your name as maintainer.

I don’t have access to the corresponding pr2-gbp repositories.
@k-okada apparently has at least write access for pr2_navigation-release,
not sure about the other one. But if nobody responds to pings there,
it is a valid option to simply fork these to a different account for new releases.



@davefeilseifer sorry for late, I have invite you to pr2_calibration-release and also setup travis for them. And also setup branch protection for requesting travis status check before merging, so I would like to propose every changes (even if simple update like change maintainer name) should be merged via pull request.