Preparing for Dashing sync and patch release: 2019-08-01

It’s time for another Dashing sync and patch release. As with the previous Dashing release, we’re using a GitHub project board to track the release status. There are also a good number of new packages from the community ready for sync:

The patch release is already looking quite substantive and I expect to start moving tickets from the Proposed, To Do, and In Progress columns to a Patch release 3 board. If there is a specific pull request that is not currently on the release track for this patch release which you have a strong case for backporting please let us know by commenting on the tracking issue for this patch release.

I will start holding rosdistro PRs for the sync on Tuesday 2019-07-30 so please get your releases for this sync in before then.

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As part of the upcoming patch release we are importing a new version of libopensplice69. To allow for additional testing with this package, the patch release will spend additional time in the ROS 2 testing repository before the sync. I’ll leave the release window open today (2019-07-31) and then start holding Dashing releases tomorrow (2019-08-01). We’ll plan to sync on 2019-08-06 if there are no major issues.

Is there a release today?

Yes! Keep it under your hat but the sync was actually very early this morning. I forgot to assemble the updated ros2.repos file and build binaries on CI for it. Those binaries are uploading now and as soon as they’re ready the announcement will go out. It’s safe to order :pizza: and :cup_with_straw: the release is coming.

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The release is out!