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Preparing for Dashing sync and patch release 2019-10-17

It’s time for another Dashing sync and patch release. This patch release will include some changes made to core packages during the last sync for our omnibus binaries on macOS, Windows, and Linux.

This patch release also includes updates to Fast-RTPS and the underlying Fast-CDR library which are not ABI compatible with the previously released version in Dashing (See and for details). The ROS 2 Testing repository has the updated Fast-RTPS releases available. Please report any regressions you encounter when using them before the release here.

As with the previous Dashing releases, we’re using a GitHub project board to track the release status.

The patch release board is quite full. If there is a specific pull request that is not currently on the release track as indicated by being in either the Needs Backport, Needs Release, or Released columns on the project board for this patch release which you have a strong case for backporting please let us know by commenting on the tracking issue for this patch release.

I will start holding rosdistro PRs for the sync on Tuesday 2019-10-08 so please get your releases for this sync in before then.

We have some infrastructure issues that are going to prevent us from producing the patch release tomorrow. We’ll delay the release by a week, now targeting 2019-10-17.

This means that the rosdistro hold is lifted again until next Tuesday 2019-10-15.

Edit: OBOE

Our infrastructure has been backed up this week between platform upgrades and the Eloquent API and feature freeze. The CI round for this patch release has just started and assuming everything is good we’ll release either this evening or tomorrow morning depending on when the builds complete.

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In one of life’s little ironies. While I was keeping track of everyone’s releases one of my own fell through the cracks. There is a pluginlib fix for Windows which has been backported but was not released until just now. That release is working its way through the buildfarm and CI as I write.

The patch release is out!