Preparing for Humble sync and patch release 2023-07-21

We’re planning for a Humble sync and patch release on 2023-07-21T05:00:00Z. There are currently 97 packages to sync and no new regressions .

If you find a regression when testing, please report it upstream and leave a comment here so we can track it leading up to the sync and patch release.

Starting end of day 2023-07-18T05:00:00Z, we’ll hold all rosdistro PRs for Humble unless they fix reported regressions. On Friday 2023-07-21T05:00:00Z we’ll announce the release.

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Since I’m waiting for a PR (new package) against rosdistro to clear: did the sync and patch release happen? Where would it be announced (other than here)?

Hi Bernd :smiley: Usually once the sync is out, it will be posted as a reply to the thread announcing the sync (i.e. this post).

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Hey, the sync and patch didn’t get released yet. There was some problems on the buildfarm. I’ll be working on it today.

I’ll create another post announcing the sync and patch, and link to it in this post.

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Sync and patch is done!