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Preparing for Indigo Sync 2017-03-20

We just passed the 2 week mark since the last Indigo sync. We’d like to get back into our usual cadence. Auditing the buildfarm I noticed a few jobs failing.

We’re still seeing some instances of: which I can get to turn over by manually changing the Dockerfile template for the run to pass. For example I just helped pr2_gripper_action pass which should allow a bunch of downstream packages to build.

Packages that need attention:

We will plan to sync in the middle of this week. We’ve been very conservative with regressions but it has slowed all other releases down. If the regressions remain low impact we will likely not block the sync if everything else is ready.

I think we have fixed the motoman_driver issue. I will perform a new release this evening. Thanks to the heads up.

swri_console is deprecated on Saucy. We decided the platform wasn’t worth supporting because it’s been EOL by Canonical for some time now.