Preparing for Iron branching on Rolling 2023-04-18

We are preparing to create Iron from Rolling now that the ROS 2 base package freeze is completing. There are several additional releases to catch up with the last changes which landed before the freeze and after those we will be holding all Rolling releases until the Iron branching is complete. At that time we’ll also do a sync of Rolling and then it will be possible to make new releases into Rolling and/or Iron directly.

Here is the list of core PRs we are just about to merge for Rolling:

I believe there is also an upcoming MoveIt release into Rolling to fix a bug. Once all of these are in, the freeze/sync hold will be in effect.


Here’s the moveit PR: moveit: 2.7.2-1 in 'rolling/distribution.yaml' [bloom] by tylerjw · Pull Request #36903 · ros/rosdistro · GitHub


And for full transparency, we had a regression in ros2trace, so we ended up doing a fix and a new release.

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The iron branching from rolling is complete along with

We will be :hotsprings: un-freezing :hotsprings: Rolling by the end of this Friday, 28th April 2359 PST. Feature merges into rolling branches can be resumed following this.

Until then, the release team will work on bumping the minor version on rolling for all core packages followed by another round of Rolling releases.


I’m going to merge these bugfix PRs, which are on the critical path to building desktop for iron:

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As another update here, we ended up merging in moveit: 2.7.3-1 in 'iron/distribution.yaml' [bloom] by tylerjw · Pull Request #36937 · ros/rosdistro · GitHub and moveit: 2.7.3-1 in 'rolling/distribution.yaml' [bloom] by tylerjw · Pull Request #36936 · ros/rosdistro · GitHub to fix regressions in Iron and Rolling for Moveit.

We expect those merges to fix MoveIt regressions in both Rolling and Iron. After the rebuild completes, we are planning a sync later today. If other regressions surface, we’ll decide on how to deal with it.

The net result is that we expect Rolling to be back open by the end of today, May 1. We’ll update with progress again later on.

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The changes from this sync are now out!

Thankfully, it didn’t take until the year 2359!

Thanks @nuclearsandwich ! With that, Rolling is now open for business, both for package updates and for source changes. For maintainers of the core packages, keep in mind that any changes that you want to see in Iron must now be backported from the rolling branch to the iron branch (as per our usual policy).

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