Freeze of ROS 2 Base Packages, Upcoming Branch, and Tutorial Party for Iron Irwini

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The rolling branches on all ROS 2 base packages will be frozen by end of today, 17 April 2023 (2359 PST). This is to branch into iron from rolling in preparation for the the upcoming release on 23rd May.

One thing to note is that we will begin branching into iron over the course of this week which is slightly earlier than the original [timeline]((ROS 2 Iron Irwini (codename ‘iron’; May, 2023) — ROS 2 Documentation: Rolling documentation) of doing so next week. This is to help ensure that the iron pre-release packages are better available for testing during the Tutorial Party happening on 3rd May. On that note, we hope to get more community members to partake in the tutorial party and support the testing efforts!

Kind request to all base package maintainers to enforce the freeze after today by no longer merging any changes into rolling until further notice. Once the branching is complete, we will unfreeze rolling so that feature and API changes can be merged in once again- stay tuned for that announcement on Discourse.

You may find more information on the Iron Irwini release timeline here: ROS 2 Iron Irwini (codename ‘iron’; May, 2023) — ROS 2 Documentation: Rolling documentation

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Update on lifting the freeze: Preparing for Iron branching on Rolling 2023-04-18 - #5 by Yadunund

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