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Preparing for Kinetic Sync 2017-12-21

We have 83 Kinetic packages ready to go too. Auditing the builds I’ve found two regressions. @Tom_Moore is looking at this one already.

And the recent gazebo release is missing on Jessie: I’m working with @jrivero to resolve that.

There is also the open issue for OpenCV that we hope to land the new release from upstream in the next sync.

If there’s anything else for us to track please reply here.

I don’t seeopencv in the list of updated packages, and vision_opencv/#193 is still open but upstream opencv/#10299 is merged.

What does this mean in terms of resolving the opencv build issues? Can we expect it in the next sync?

It is not resolved in the sync which went out today. I’d like to see a new OpenCV release soon in the next release cycle so we can have some testing time to verify that the problem is solved and that there aren’t new issues.