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Preparing for Melodic sync 2020-08-19

There are currently 134 regressions and 288 packages ready to sync.

It’s a bit unusual to call a sync hold with that many regressions, but I know that all of them are caused by just two packages: moveit_resources and jsk_3rdparty. I have revert PRs opened for both of them: and . However, both maintainers are planning on doing new releases to fix those packages (thanks @k-okada and @rhaschke) .

With all of that being said, I plan to start holding releases today, August 19th, aiming for a sync at the end of the week. The only exception will be fixes for the above issues.

Please comment here if there are any other outstanding issues I should know about before performing the sync.

Looks like there is only one regression in ros_speech_recognition on ARM architectures.

@k-okada @furushchev Any ideas about how to fix it? If not, I think the intent is to do a sync about 24 hours from now regardless.

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thanks, will fix this issue.

2020年8月25日(火) 2:55 Sloretz via ROS Discourse <>:

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The sync is out! :tada:

@k-okada Unfortunately it looks like the fix for ros_speech_recognition on ARM will have to wait for the next sync; I started it yesterday evening before the new jsk_3rdparty rosdistro PR :frowning:

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@sloretz: it’s been a while already again :slight_smile:

Would a new sync for Melodic be possible?

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I’ll take a look at doing another Melodic sync this week.

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Thanks @clalancette.

Apologies for pinging you @sloretz.

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