Preparing for Noetic Sync 2024-02-22

Hello Noetic maintainers!

Starting now, I will be holding new Noetic ros/rosdistro release PRs with a plan to sync ROS Noetic packages to the main apt repo on 2024-02-22. Please comment here if there are any issues I should know about before performing the sync.

There are currently 135 packages waiting to sync and 2 regressions.

Could you please include the following two PRs?

They are part of the current cob-release set and would make that set complete and consistent.
All requested changes should be considered already.


Unfortunately I already ran the sync earlier today so those PRs did not make it in.

The sync is out :tada: . Now is a great time to make releases for the next sync :beach_umbrella: :mountain: :bridge_at_night: :strawberry: :corn: :bear: