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Preparing for Rolling sync 2021-08-05

There’s currently one regression in Rolling due to changes in rclcpp which should be resolved with a release later today. If that regression can be resolved we’ll sync tomorrow as planned.

If you discover any other issues with Rolling in the testing repository please open an issue on the appropriate repository and link it here.

The sync is out!

Hi, I’m seeing a size mismatch after the latest sync:

ERROR: unable to update: size check mismatch 782519 != 792479 claims
main/binary-amd64/Packages.gz is 792479 long, however:

wget --spider reports Length: 782519

Please disregard, must be a cache issue somewhere, it’s fixed.

Thanks. I’m taking a look. This is sometimes an issue with synchronization between the different packaging servers but I have not confirmed anything yet.

Yeah, I’m seeing the different mirrors are all in sync now. In general replication between mirrors happens quickly but you can occasionally catch it as it seems you did here.

My timing is impeccable. Thanks for your attention!