Proposal for ROS Deliberation WG

Proposal for
ROS Deliberation WG

Deliberation on the mission or task-level is considered one of the most complex aspects in the development of robotic systems. Important reasons for this complexity are the high parallelism and the fact that the intended task of the mission, expectable contingencies in the interaction with the environment as well as system-level errors have to be handled at runtime.

This complexity is also reflected in the large number of languages, frameworks, and tools that have been proposed to support ROS developers on this topic, such as scripting languages, state-machine editors and runtimes, Behavior Tree (BT) tools, integration for PDDL planners, …

From the new EU-funded project CONVINCE (, in which test and verification methods for BT-based deliberation are researched, we propose a new ROS Working Group to align the development of all the above-mentioned tools, frameworks and libraries.

The main goal shall be to develop common architectural concepts and framework mechanisms so that the various methods can be combined more easily.

Several projects, institutions, companies and individual developers have already expressed their interest, including

  • Davide Faconti @facontidavide (Groot, BehaviorTree.CPP)
  • Francisco Martín Rico @fmrico (PlanSys2, EU project CoreSense)
  • Imandra.AI (contact: Jamie Smith @jamiesmith)
  • IIT (contact: Lorenzo Natale)
  • CEA (contact: Matteo Morelli @mmorelli)
  • Michele Colledanchise @miccol (Author of the book: Behavior Trees in Robotics and AI)

In our first meetings, we plan to create an overview of the large number of relevant ROS packages for

Our very first meeting will be
28 April 2023 01:00 PM CEST

If you want to discuss or help with organizing the WG, please reply to this thread.

If you would like to join the working group or attend our meetings, please join

Thank you,

Christian Henkel and @ralph-lange


Looking forward to the discussion.


Will the meeting be recorded? The meeting time does not allow me to attend (I would assume the same for many others in the US as well)

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:clap: :clap: :clap:

Please make sure this gets on the ROS events calendar.

If you happen to record the meeting we would be more than happy to post it on our Vimeo account.

If you need any help please let me know.

Thanks for your interest. I will try to make a recording. And I also take your post as a vote for a more americas-friendly time for the next meetings. :blush:

I vote for GMT. I like your sense of humour though.

edit: please note that I updated the time to 28 April 2023 01:00 PM CEST

Dear Christian, I would be pleased to participate in the WG and attend next Friday meeting as a representative for LINKS Foundation

Hi Gianluca. I am happy to hear that. Can you please register here:

This is the agenda and will also become our protocol:

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