Changes to the OSRF events calendars

OSRF has provided a calendar recording upcoming events relating to OSRF projects for several years now. This calendar has included a mix of ROS 2-related working groups officially blessed by the ROS 2 TSC, community-driven groups (often called community working groups), events for other OSRF projects, and events that are only tangentially related to ROS. Despite this breadth of events, the calendar was known as the “ROS Events Calendar”.

In an effort to streamline this calendar and make it easier for members of our various communities to find events they are interested in, or advertise an event they are organising, we are trying a new structure of event calendars.

  1. An “Official OSRF events” calendar.
    This will list events that are officially sanctioned by OSRF. Such events include ROSCon, the Gazebo Community Meeting (and upcoming Community Meetings for other OSRF projects), local ROSCons, and meetings of the ROS 2 TSC-sanctioned working groups.

  2. A “Community events” calendar.
    This calendar will list events organised by members of the community. This means events such as meetings of the community working groups, large-scale meet-ups, and other events of direct interest to developers or users of our projects.

The official OSRF events calendar will be maintained by OSRF staff and volunteers, including the leads of the official working groups.

The community events calendar, on the other hand, will depend on the community to submit events. To make this easier, we have created a Google Form for members of the community to submit events. If you are running a community working group, or want to host an event related to one of OSRF’s projects (virtual or in-person), then use this form to submit its information. One of our volunteer community managers will review your request and, if accepted, add the event to the community events calendar.


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