Results: Survey on Requirements for Toolchain to Achieve Robust Robot Deliberation

Dear ROS Developers of Autonomous Systems,

in the EU-funded project CONVINCE we wanted to get better insights on and determine requirements for our toolchain to achieve robust deliberation using: verification, planning, monitoring, and learning. Therefore, we advertised a short questionnaire in this thread to get more information on which deliberation language, logic, and engine they are working with and what their needs, problems, etc. are.

We are now able to release the results of the survey. An overview can be found on our website and the detailed answers are available here.

In case of interest, we can also share the raw files of the survey with you.

We hope that the results are also interesting for you and give you more insights on the current needs in the community.



@cst0 Unfortunately, answering to the original thread is not possible anymore. But here are the results you were asking for :slight_smile: