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Proposed Kinetic Sync for Week of August 15th

There are some fixes currently queued in shadow fixed that I’d love to have available in public and there are currently no regressions. I know there are some upcoming changes (some fcl related things) and new releases in Kinetic, but it might be nice to get a sync in before all that happens (if it hasn’t started already).

@tfoote what do you think?

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Yeah, a sync in before the large changes makes sense. I see a few regressions on djv8 that failed due to a network outage.

I’ve retriggered the job that failed. It should finish rebuilding that package and the 7 downstream packages in a couple hours and we’ll be ready to go.

Rosdistro maintainers please hold new releases until we sync.

PS I recategorized this into the Release>Kinetic category instead of Release with a kinetic tag.

Maybe it’s worth pinging the repos where Qt5 migration was fixed for a
release to push those issues out asap. (Like you did with ros_controllers

@bmagyar I assume you’re talking about this issue:

I believe that this was discovered by user testing. We don’t have a list of repos with known issues. If you know of any and want to cc their maintainers for feedback about a fix for this sync that would be great.

Generally we don’t want to push for new work right before a sync. It’s better to release new updates right after the sync so they can have some soak time in the testing/shadow-fixed repo before the next sync.

The sync is complete and the announcement is here:

@ Rosdistro maintainers we can merge new releases once the reconfigure jobs are complete. This appears to be the last one we’re waiting for.