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Next Kinetic Sync

It has been a while since the last Kinetic sync, and there quite a few updates and new packages.

There also appears to be no regressions,

Is there anything preventing a sync? If not, can we have one please :smile:


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I just posted an important update for plotjuggler (0.9.0)
It would be nice if we can get that in the next sync :wink:

UPDATE: just merged

Yeah, we’ll start preparing for a new sync. We have a large rebuild coming right now and after that we’ll let it stabilize. @facontidavide thanks for letting us know about your pending PR I see we got one more revision in too.

I’ve also been testing ros_control stuff today and last week. ros_control is already out but for ros_controllers I probably need another day.

I just found a CRITICAL bug. I am uploading version 0.10.2 (sorry @dirk-thomas for wasting your time with PRs)

We’re getting closer. There’s a bug in the debian builds slowing down the buildfarm:

However were’re within ~ 40 packages now catching up.

There’s one regressions that appears to be hitting a docker bug repeatedly on just debian jessie amd64:

Underlying it’s this issue, which is fixed in a new version of docker, but we have not qualified the new versions of docker on the buildfarm yet:

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