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Proposed rename of rosdep keys pocketsphinx and xdot

Thanks to some debugging by @k-okada he determined that there are now two rosdep rules that are shadowing previously released ROS packages.

We’ve recently added the ability to do this on purpose to allow transitioning content between 3rdparty packages and rosdep entries. However for that to make sense the content provided by resolving the keys must be the same.

The current proposals are to rename the rosdep rule pocketsphinx to pocketsphinx-bin

And to rename the rosdep rule xdot to python-xdot

If either of these are effecting you or will effect you please comment on the pull-requests linked above.


Hi, since we have not heard any problem on renaming xdot and pocketsphinx, we will change rosdep key name as follows,
If you’re indted to use system library for these package, please change your package.xml.
If you inted to use ros-{ROSDISTRO}-xdot or ros-{ROSDISTRO}-pocketsphinx, you do not need any action.

xdot -> python-xdot
pocketsphinx -> pocketsphinx-bin