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Python-vcstools 0.1.42-1 breaks Hydro (on Ubuntu Precise)

There is no hydro category, so I’m posting this in the top-level release category. You didn’t think anybody would ever post anything about hydro again, did you? :wink:

Anyways, the tests for opencv_apps started failing recently.

3 monts ago, the test still worked (with python-vcstools 0.1.40-1):

Now it breaks (with python-vcstools 0.1.42-1):

So somebody uploaded a new version to the ROS package repository for Precise within the past 3 months. This new version contains a control.tar.xz file, which the old version of dpkg on Precise doesn’t understand. Could somebody please restore python-vcstools to 0.1.40-1? Specifically, to the exact .deb package that was there before (any package built on the current buildfarm won’t work).

I’m posting this here because I didn’t know where else to report it. It’s not a bug in vcstools; instead, it’s caused by the fact that the buildfarm now builds packages that are not compatible with ancient Ubuntu versions, so we should just stop touching the Ubuntu repos for Precise.

The problem has nothing to do with the buildfarm since Python packages are not built on the buildfarm but on the maintainers machine which did the release (FYI @wjwwood). Please fill a ticket in the vcstools repository.

Agreed, that is what we have been doing for other Python packages.