[Question] Is there a known date for transitionning Rolling to a more recent Ubuntu distro?

Hey there :wave:

Sorry if this is a duplicate, I was wondering when a switch will happen to a recent Ubuntu distribution (I looked on discourse and for a ticket for the steps preparing for ROS J release but couldnt find).

And more generally, how often is the Rolling distribution expected to update its’ base distributions? Once every 2 years when the new LTS is available (in alpha, beta ?) ?


We’ve moved to a GitHub project for tracking the next release, which is here: Jazzy Jalisco Release Process · GitHub

For the particular question you are asking about, the item is here: Jazzy Jalisco Release Process · GitHub . It’s a little hard to read due to some bugs in GitHub projects, but we expect to transition to Ubuntu 24.04 by mid-February (earlier if possible).

Yes, every 2 years when a new Ubuntu LTS is available.