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Reminder: Autoware.AI 1.15.0 PR deadline this Friday 23rd Oct. 2020

This Friday (23/10/2020) will be your last chance to submit pull request to to be included in 1.15.0. Once your PR is submitted, you will have 2 more weeks to make necessary changes and merged into master. Any PR submitted after 23/10/2020 will not be included in 1.15.0.

Please note that 1.15.0 will be the last major release of Future releases will be bug fixes only and will not include any significant feature changes.

1 Like 1.15 PR submission is now closed. All PRs going into 1.15 are tagged. Now begins 2 weeks of review and integration before code freeze.

Code Freeze date has been set to be 20/11/2020. This has been extended to allow time for review and rework on some patches.

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The code freeze is complete except for and which require a Melodic package sync, which is currently scheduled for 12-03. Once that sync is complete, we will get this final feature merged into Autoware.AI 1.15.0 which will then be released, hopefully prior to the new year.

I noticed all package.xmls are still on 0.12.0. Will they be bumped to 0.15.0 as well?

Unfortunately, these have not been updated for some time. I will go through and try to update them all to 1.15.0 prior to this release. We are still currently waiting to have the release tested on real vehicles.


Can anyone provide me the training data for Traffic Light Recognition?
Autoware_tlr_SSD_300x300_iter_60000.caffemodel and deploy.prototxt
mxnet-network.json and mxnet-network.params

Thank you!