Replacement for is shutting down. Does the ROS2 development team have an alternative tool in the pipeline?

Good question. Wonder if GitHub project boards cover this use-case.

The issue is that GH project boards do not support pulling issues / PRs from multiple organizations, that would be the main blocker I believe.

Is this issue you allude to?

No, org-wide boards are already supported by GH. It’s cross-org that is the problem.

I linked to the exact comment that mentioned this, given the ticket seemed to be ill titled:

Actually, what we need is to create cards referring to issues/PRs across organizations. … However, the search interface in “Add cards” is limited to the current organization.

Also dependencies aren’t supported yet:

I love the comparison of Redmine and GitHub interfaces. It reminds me of a textbook I had back in university that had a screenshot of a popular-at-the-time Java development tool, with every possible sub-window open, and a 32x32 pixel area with an arrow pointing to it labeled “write your code here”.

Having said that, the GitHub boards implementation is woefully lacking for anything beyond quickly visualising where issues are in the development process, and it’s not even very good at that. The automation options are really limited and you have to manage most of the issues manually.

Sorry for the necro, but I was wandering along the Git marketplace, and came across GitKraken Glo Boards. It looks a bit similar to how Waffle was laid out, so I was wondering if it might be a possible alternative?

Unless it’s just a visualizer for GitHub boards…

Thanks for the pointer. It’s not really a dead thread, just dormant as we’ll have to deal with this soon.

Glo looks like a nice visualization but it doesn’t look like it supports multiple repositories in a single board. If people would like to read more I found docs one the GitHub integration here:

Has there been any active discussion regarding this issue elsewhere?

I’m not aware of another thread. We’ll be evaluating replacement options this week and I can make an update on this thread regarding any offline discussions/decisions.

What was the resolution? For people looking to get involved most of the documentation still points to

Currently we are using GitHub Projects, but I don’t think we have a public one just yet. It will likely take some weeks for us to sort out all of the details and then update the documentation, especially since we’re in the middle of a release at the moment.

As @peppers mentioned in May, the Developers guide still points to Seems like this went cold after that. What’s the current status of creating a public GitHub project?

There are a few GitHub projects available under:

Their scope is different though from the one we had on While we used to triage “all” incoming tickets the GitHub projects only reference cherry-picked tickets and notes which are specifically related to a new ROS distro and/or patch release.


What about Its completely open source and brings a lot of integrations and automation. I installed it on my local machine and it works but I have not used it over a longer time in a productive development team. Has somebody experience with that?

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