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Request for comment: Autoware.Auto controller and vehicle interface design

Hello all,

In Autoware.Auto we are trying to redevelop the Autoware stack from scratch. To do this right and ensure that we have a scalable ecosystem, I am proposing that we agree on concerns, behaviors and interfaces for various components of the Autoware stack.

I have a first proposal here for the controller and vehicle interface, which will be used in Autoware.Auto’s first milestone:

Please take a look over it and comment as you see fit.


Thanks for raising this discussion in the wider community, @cho3.

I’d like to note two things to help those who comment:

  • We are aiming at approximately six-month iterations in development with each iteration having a specific milestone/scenario to achieve. The design work for this iteration will primarily be aimed at achieving that scenario. This obviously does not mean we want to produce a design that is highly customised for the scenario, but it will guide the discussion.
  • The interfaces may change between iterations, so all those who are commenting, please also consider making long-term comments as well so we know where we need to go beyond the first iteration.