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Robot Development Kit v0.3.0 release

Here comes the v0.3.0 release of Intel® Robot Development Kit . Comparing to v0.2.0, CNN based visual grasp detection accelerated by OpenVINO™ and two performance measurement tools are added:

  • Visual Manipulation
    • ros2_grasp_library accelerated by OpenVINO™, CNN based grasp planning and detection for industrial robot visual manipulation.
    • Unified native APIs for different robot arm and gripper drivers.
    • Sample applications for key manipulation usages: Draw “X”, Fixed pick and place, Random pick and place, Recognized pick and place.
      See demo video for Random pick and Recognized pick , enjoy!
  • Performance Tools
    • A profiling tool rtmonitor built to monitor and capture real time performance metrics of ROS2 C++ Application.
    • ROS2 topics performance measurement tool rdk_perf to show result in rqt at run time.

Any issues please report to github.


Good progress for making it done, Thanks!

That is good, look forward to trying it.

It’s more convenient to use ROS2 with Intel Technology. Good progress.