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Robotics Distributed System based on Kubernetes

thanks for that, modified with “choose multiple”.

@kyrofa @Katherine_Scott

appreciate for the help, i will let you know the date.
i think that i should open the vote in this week.

Hi @kyrofa

can we do pre-check the connection a few days before?

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Of course! We can coordinate further once a date is selected, maybe meet the day before or something.


I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you doing this and making sure it goes off smoothly. Thanks!

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As an aside, note that in the future you can just set the thread to “watched” without replying. The default is when you reply to automatically change it to “watched” but you can manually request that for any specific topic.

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We have been studying the application of Kubernetes to ROS robots for many years.

We publish all of that knowledge as OSS. They are realized using Kubernetes.
rdbox-intec/rdbox: RDBOX is a IT infrastructure for ROS robots and IoT devices. These is very smart like your ROS robot.

We have several patents, such as pooling robot resources and robot schedule.
tutorial 2 0 overview en · rdbox-intec/rdbox Wiki

I want to work together with you to improve robot development.

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thanks for posting, this is why we talk here to get more information about robotics. been through docs, it looks nice, maybe you can also share the insigjts in next sync.

Great ! I am also very interested in this topic about ROS kubernetes. I am also ready to dive into this community.

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closing vote.

Feb 21st ,2020 14:00 - 15:00 (UTC-0) 36% it is.
(PDT 07:00, CEST 16:00, JST 23:00)

looking forward to seeing you all of you.


could you set up the online meeting? thanks in advance!


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Done! I’ve invited @tomoyafujita, of course, but the rest of you will need to visit the ROS events calendar, click the event on the 21st, and hit “copy to my calendar”. You can do that straight from the event page as well, I suppose.


To avoid confusion with the starting time, could you please make use of the Insert date/time feature of Discourse (click the little calendar icon in the formatting bar)? Europe doesn’t observe daylight saving time right now fi (so it should probably be CET, not CEST).

It will automatically show the time in a nr of time zones (including the one the browser is configured for I believe).

Example: [date=2020-02-21 time=14:00:00 timezone="UTC" timezones="PST8PDT|Japan"] (renders as: 2020-02-21T14:00:00Z).

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thanks, 2020-02-21T14:00:00Z it is.

it is just hard to do time management for everyone, i will share docs after online meeting for anyone who cannot be there. feel free to PM me on anything.

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Whoa, I didn’t know that was there! Super handy, thanks @gavanderhoorn.

It is super handy. Can’t find any docs on it, but for more examples:

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Oh, you have no idea.

Here’s the one I use. It covers most of the major time zones except South Asia. (If anyone knows what city I should be using to get the main timezone of India, please tell me!) The time zone picker field in the Discourse interface can be a bit finicky so I find it easier to just copy and paste this.

[date=2020-02-20 time=10:00:00 format="dddd DD MMMM, YYYY \at HH:mm" timezone="UTC" timezones="America/Los_Angeles|America/Chicago|America/New_York|Europe/London|Europe/Berlin|Europe/Moscow|Asia/Shanghai|Japan|Australia/Sydney"]

Thursday 20 February, 2020 at 10:00


I think the timezones tag, that enumerates zones via dropdown view when hovering over the badge, is optional as the default view for readers should pirarly render with respect to the user’s own timezone, set in discourse profile preferences, but I suppose it’s still convenient for the logout readers, or folks traveling internationally.

I have to deal with both of these groups (especially the former) on a regular basis.

A last-minute reminder about this: we’re meeting in ten minutes if you forgot to add it to your calendar :smiley: .

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Hi all,

thanks for your time and joining the meeting, so sorry for the technical difficulties…

here is my presentation sheets, ROSDiscoures_KubernetesSync_20200221.v1.pdf (1.8 MB)


and here are the sample yaml files that i used for demonstration.