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ROS 2 on Kubernetes

Hello all,

I just wanted to share a blog post titled ROS 2 on Kubernetes: a simple talker and listener setup. This is the second in a series on running ROS 2 on Kubernetes with MicroK8s. Posts about this on discourse and elsewhere document mixed results with ROS on K8s, and it seems the main challenge has been to get consistent RTPS networking to flow properly.

The first post unpacked some of the RTPS features that led to seemingly unpredictable behavior on K8s. Everything in that post should be consistent with middleware vendor documentation and actual traffic captured from a k8s cluster.

This post builds on the first to show how to network K8s pods. It uses MicroK8s with Multus to add a MacVLAN adapter for ROS to use. The config is just meant as a kickstarter, hopefully the discussion helps you create an implementation that works for you.

I’m putting together third post that shows how to extend the cluster out to multiple machines, and a fourth that talks in more detail about troubleshooting different configurations.

Hope helps you understand a bit more about running ROS 2 on K8s!



thanks for the post :+1:
I am interested in ROS/ROS2 & Kubernetes too. I’ve created the following thread before,

and this one is to presentation at Kubernetes Meetup in Tokyo, which describes our approach overview.

if possible, we could discuss requirement and possibility about MicroK8s for our use cases. that would be really appreciated :smile:

@tomoyafujita, I spend lots of time studying that post & your examples, thanks for sharing! When trying to reproduce with microk8s I needed to use a different CNI to get multicast & discovery traffic to work. I don’t believe it’s possible to reliably run two different ROS 2 containers in the same pod, but it’s possible to reliably run multiple pods on the same k8s node with the right CNI setup. Next challenge is to deploy pods to hardware based on hardware attributes.

Any chance you’ll be at ROSWorld? Maybe we can catch up there, it’d be great to hear more about your use cases!

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we are one of the Gold Sponsor for ROS world 2020. I will be in touch with you :smile:

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