Robotics MCU: A robotics microcontroller unit (MCU) powered by RISC-V and ROS 2

Hello everyone,

Just wanted to share a heads-up to a new sub-project that’s starting as part of the ROS 2 Hardware Acceleration Working Group: Robotics MCU, a Robotics MCU powered by ROS 2 and RISC-V (roscore-v official announcement). This sub-project aims to create a Robotics MCU that has a native ROS 2 hardware implementation and delivers lower latency and additional real-time capabilities in robotics communications. Robotics MCU will be developed and prototyped first into an FPGA and later into a physical chip.

Project will be presented and introduced in the next ROS 2 Hardware Acceleration Working Group meeting (LinkedIn event). Target is to have a first demonstrator for ROS 2 Iron’s release.

Join us at the HAWG to learn more about it.


A small update. Attending community requests and to avoid confusion, we won’t be using roscore-v in this project. Apologies for the naming issues.

Instead, we’ll be using Robotics MCU for the project.


A summary of what constitutes “ROS2 hw impl” would be nice.

Is it offloading TCP? Is it UDP-only? Does it map specific ROS messages in hardware? etc.

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We’re discussing it this this afternoon in the Hardware Acceleration Working Group (meeting announcement). Join us and bring all your questions.

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Thanks, but I’ll just wait for a written update in the mailing list.

I missed yersterday’s meeting.
May be is too early but I am wondering if you have set already which are going to be the baseline tools for the project. Some stuff that comes to my mind:

  • Any open-source RISC-V softcore?
  • Any open-source SoC building framework, such as LitteX or FuseSoC?
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yeap, we’re building on top of GitHub - openhwgroup/core-v-mcu: This is the CORE-V MCU project, hosting CORE-V's embedded-class cores. initially.

Recording’s out for more details: Hardware Acceleration WG, meeting #11 - #4 by vmayoral


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